Thursday, February 28, 2008

#6 Kool-Aid

Dane Cook said it best when Kool-Aid burst through the wall of his house and started screaming 'Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!' - "You're very top-heavy, Kool-Aid. One punch to the throat and I'll take you down."

With now over 110 flavors of this powdery drink mix available (throughout different parts of the world), your tastebuds can be satisfied by any color/flavor under the rainbow. Is there any other drink out there that comes in this many flavors? Would anyone care? W/E.

One thing Kool-Aid does have going for it is that the drink goes well with just about any type of food one might be in the mood for; especially fried chicken, rice and corn. True, Kool-Aid is the "poor man's" Gatorade, but according our friends at Wiki, any drink ending in 'ade' must contain actual fruit-juice. Again, W/E.

Cheers to you, Kool-Aid. OH YEAH!

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