Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#23 Chile Downhill Bike Race

We like bikes here @ Wiki-Wha?. No, that's not a question; if you're new to checking this site out, the question mark (?) is part of our title, not a mistake in punctuation. SoGtWthIt!

Back to us liking bikes, right, we absolutely LOVE bikes. Riding them uphill. And then downhill, FAST.

The below, on the other hand, is just crazy.

To the guy riding:


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

#22 Family Village (?)

While slumming through the usual internet mish-mash of this and that's I came across this fun (read: stupid) little app that will soon be launching on Facebook. It's called Family Village and is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. SimCity was so 1997. Why in the world would anyone want to re-connect with ancestors virtually - bringing them into a world they don't/won't know with things that never existed back in their time? Seemingly, this is just someone's answer to wanting to play God - conning their avatar-ancestors into leading a life they didn't really lead.

"players import their ancestors into a “Sims”-styled virtual world where they can build homes, go to work and share experiences just like in real life."

Wow. Srsly? Why not go out and accomplish these things for real - in real life?
"Import" anscestors? No. See. That's just not possible. Going back in time. Now that's possible, as evidenced in the Back to the Future trilogy; due in-part to Dr. Emmett Brown's invention, the almighyt Flux Capacitor. And no, Family Village has not yet made it to the archives of Wikipedia; more info on this time-suck can be found in this article, however.