Tuesday, June 2, 2009

#19 Google Analytics

Does it creep you out that the word 'analytics' contains the word 'anal' in it?  Well it sure creeps us out.

A few months ago we installed Google Analytics on Wiki-Wha? to see how many people actually visit this page after we realized that bullshit counter thingy isn't worth a bit of anything.  

It's fascinating to see how many people visit this blog.  It's also fascinating to see how much time people don't spend reading this blog, where the average visit lasts a whopping 23 seconds.  We aren't harping on people stopping by for quickies, don't get us wrong, but 23 seconds???  C'mon readers....this is some of the best free entertainment for miles (we realize there's no such thing as free, but we can dream), and, we're happy you stopped by to check things out - whether you meant to or not.

Either way, if you've got a website, blog or are just a plain geek, check out this Analytics program from Google (also free) and get psyched to see how many people don't visit your site.  Once you get everything set up and tracking on your page be sure to check out where people are visiting from - like, we've got visitors from Australia.  Now that's some neat stuff, mate!

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