Thursday, April 9, 2009

#17 Behold - Dickipedia

Your a dick, we're a dick....seems like today everyone is a dick, in some form or another.  

Ok - maybe that was a little harsh.  NOT.  

Richards?  Are you there???  Again, we digress.  Moving on!

We've all got a little bit of a dick inside us, and this wonderful off-shoot inspired by the mothership that is Wikipedia chronicles the who's who of dicks in the public sector, past and present alike.  You would think that it would be made obvious through the social media outlets, news and other, worthier blogs than this, who the societal dicks of today are; but it's great to be able to  see all of the biggest dicks out there in one place - Dickipedia.

Also, be sure to check out the "random page" link from the main menu for a Russian Roulette style of thumbing through the dicks.

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Wiki-Wha? said...

"That's what she said."