Thursday, January 29, 2009

#14 Grinding

This ish is crazy. Remember when, like, back in high school and middle school and Catholic school, how grinding always got a bad rap? I know, so do we. With collaborative inspiration from our guest ideator, Crazy KC, we bring you some tips on how to make grinding less taboo:

First things first, grinding is like Fight Club - you don't talk about it. Keep in mind that many people may not be comfortable grinding with someone they do not know. If the person takes notice of you, and acknowledges you, approach them and ask if they'd like to dance. If that goes well, move in for the grind; and don't look back.

Also important to note is that the person dancing in the rear should not keep a cell phone or wallet in a front pocket – girls may get the wrong idea. Move your phone or wallet to your back pocket.

Guys may experience an erection while grinding. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, try these things:
- Bend your knees so that the bottom of your stomach is the area getting the most friction.
- Turn so that they are grinding your knee.
- If repositioning does not work, you may want to excuse yourself for a few minutes to let things settle down.
- If all else fails "pull up and tuck."

Inspiration for this WikiWha post has been pulled from the fodder found at WikiHow, a subsidiary site of Wikipedia.

Also, yes, that's our boy, Tom Cruise grinding on Katie Holmes.

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